1. Nature of Activities planned within the Park
  • The Park to be set up as a complex of (G + 6) buildings, would have integrated facilities for 61 Units engaged in garment manufacturing (kid’s, men’s and women’s wear) including cutting, stitching, embroidery and finishing and ancillary activities including labeling, packing, etc. The various activities planned within the Park is described in the table below:
S. No. Activity No of Units Production Capacity (lac garments per annum)
  • Apparel
    • Knitted
    • Woven
    • Knitting Fabric
  • 40
  • 15
  • 2
  • Ancillary
    • Labeling & Packaging
    • Embroidery
  • 2
  • 2
2. Marketing
  • The proposed Park will have ready market for its products through the retail and export network already in place. Also, Eastern India Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Federation (EIGMEF), promoting the Park is a Society formed by the garment manufacturers in the region and provides marketing support to its members
  • The Park plans to cater to the local demand of the booming retail sector and export products to the branded retail chains across USA and Europe
  • The local entrepreneurs have strong market linkages with traders, exporters and retail network. This network would be used to channelize the garments produced in the Park, both for domestic and global markets
  • The entrepreneurs expect to export around 50% of the annual output of their Units
3. Land
  • Area – 12.88 acres
4. Master Plan/ Land Use
The land is proposed to be utilized as under:
  • Common Infrastructure – 27.75% (3.6 acres)
  • Common Facilities – 5.66% (0.6 acres)
  • Factory Buildings – 25.47% (3.28 acres)
  • Open/Green Spaces – 41.12% (5.40 acres)
5. Common Infrastructure Planned
  • Internal Roads – 15 metre wide Concrete road
  • Water Supply - Storage and distribution network for supplying 1.38 MLD of water
  • Electricity - 33/11 KV substation and distribution network for total estimated connected load of 5633 KV
  • Storm Water Drainage – 2.4 km of storm water drainage system
  • Sewage Treatment Plant – 0.12 MLD capacity
6. Buildings for Common Facilities  
The following buildings for Common Facilities have been planned in the Park:
  • Administration, Office and Marketing Centre
  • Product Information Centre & Exhibition Centre
  • Training and Design Institute
  • Library & Technology Centre, Conference Hall
  • First Aid Centre, Canteen
  • Warehouse
  • World Class Integrated Apparel Manufacturing Hub
  • 61 numbers of most modern Apparel Manufacturing and Allied units, setting up shops
  • Entire facility has been pre sold - who's who of Garment Industry of Eastern India are putting up units
  • Green Park with negligible pollution - project rated in green category by the State Pollution Control Board
  • Ample parking space for cars and containers inside the Park as entire Ground Floor has been kept vacant for this
  • Renowned and most prestigious names in Project Development, Designing and Management in India have been roped in for execution
  • Located in one of the most happening zones of Kolkata - behind Sector V IT Hub
  • 15 metres wide Concrete Roads inside the Park
  • State of the Art infrastructure with full Power Backup, Sewage Treatment Plant, most modern Telecommunication network, underground Stormwater and Sewage disposal system and Firefighting network covering the entire site
Local National International
Available for sale 1000 meter of hosiery cloth.
Invites proposal for agency of kids garments in South Indian States