1. Project Name
EIGMEF Apparel Park Limited, Kolkata, West Bengal
2. Project Rationale
  • West Bengal and in particular the region around Kolkata city has a rich heritage of skilful workmanship in artistic work in the textile industry. The region is well known also for its well-developed hosiery knitting and garment industry and renowned brands of kid’s, men’s and women’s wear and hosiery products
  • However, inadequate physical and social infrastructure and unorganised and scattered growth of the sector are limiting the growth of the industry
  • Further, non-tariff trade and regulatory barriers like compliances with stringent quality, occupational health and safety and social standards are also impeding the ability of the industry to exploit international market opportunities
3. Details of SPV  
  • Name of SPV - EIGMEF Apparel Park Limited (EAPL)
  • Date of Incorporation – January 17, 2006
  • Place of Registration of SPV– Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Current Board of Directors
    1. Alok More, Chairman
    2. Raj K Dugar, Managing Director
    3. C B Panjabi, Director, Administration
    4. Iswar Ahuja, Director Finance
    5. B P Sultania, Director
    6. S N More, Director
    7. Ajay Behl, Director
    8. Jay Kumar Varma, Director
    9. Manoj Chandgothia, Director
    10. Biswanath Sinha, Nominee Director of Ministry of Textiles
    11. Ravi Raman, Nominee Director of IL & FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd
4. Number of Entrepreneurs
  • 61 entrepreneurs, most of whom are already engaged in the business of garment manufacturing (Designer Apparels Pvt. Ltd., Oscar Apparels Pvt. Ltd., Oriental Knit Wear Pvt. Ltd., Howrah Stores, etc.) propose to set up a variety of activities in fashion-wear manufacturing as described in table below:
S. No. Type of Activity No of Entrepreneurs
Knitted Garments Manufacturing
Woven Garments Manufacturing- 98 sewing machines
Knitting Fabric
Label & Packaging
5. Estimated Investment in Park
The total investment in the Park would aggregate to around Rs. 400 crores including, Infrastructure, Plant and Machinery etc.
6. Estimated Employment Generated
  • Direct Employment – 8,000
  • Indirect Employment - 12,000
7. Estimated Production/Sales
The units in the Park are expected to produce 198 lacs of Garments per annum. The combined Sales Turnover of all the units in the Park would amount to Rs 350 crores per annum.
EIGMEF Apparel Park is promoted by Eastern India Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Federation. This is the representative body of organised Garment Manufacturers and Exporters of Eastern India. It is in the forefront of all progressive, developmental and representative issues of the Garment Industry for the last 15 years.

EIGMEF has successfully taken up, handled and executed various issues such as opening of NIFT in Kolkata, removal of Excise, Progressive Seminars and Workshops, Industry specific Annual Buyer Sellers Meets. The organization is run and supported by leading Garment manufacturers and Exporters of Eastern India.

EIGMEF has around 200 members who constitute the who's who of the Apparel Industry of Eastern India. The Federation is an Associate Member of CII.
The proposed Park is being set up by the Eastern India Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Federation (EIGMEF) Apparel Park, Kolkata. It is expected to be a state of the art Textile Park with requisite modern Infrastructure and common facilities.

This Park is an Integrated Exclusive Apparel Manufacturing facility, one of its kind in India. It is the only SITP park which is located in a Metro city. It is environmentally and technically compliant as per the latest International standards. The Park will have plug and play facilities with all requisite infrastructure and units can start operations from Day one right after moving in. The Park is located between Salt Lake and Rajarhat at Mahishbathan, Ward no. 14, Bidhan Nagar Municipality, Kolkata, West Bengal at a strategic location.

The Park is being set up as a complex of multi-storied (G + 6) buildings. It would have integrated facilities for 73 Units engaged in garment manufacturing (kid's, men's and women's wear) including cutting, stitching, embroidery and finishing and ancillary activities including labeling, packing, etc.

The total production capacity of the Park operating at its full capacity is estimated to be around 198 lac garments per annum and the aggregate Turnover Rs 3500 million per annum. The total investment in the Park would be around Rs 4000 million. The direct employment from the Park would be around 8000 and the indirect employment would be around 12000.

The central theme of the Park is the presence of a large number of Apparel Manufacturing, value addition and allied units in the same location. There is thus an excellent opportunity for exploiting economies of scale. While individual units in the Park are free to market their products, there is also a strong rationale for pooling their output to meet large orders, which individually they may not be able to meet such large scale demand. Thus efforts have been initiated to create a Brand for the EIGMEF Apparel Park on an aggregate basis.


West Bengal and in particular the region around Kolkata city has a rich heritage of skilful workmanship in artistic work in the textile industry. The region is well known also for its well-developed hosiery knitting and garment industry and renowned brands of kid's, men's and women's wear and hosiery products. It has traditionally been a major Centre for Knits and Apparels particularly for the Eastern region.

The current supply and demand factors provide very conducive and favourable business and market environment for the proposed project. The proposed project would bring in modern technology with higher capacities and investments in the apparel sector, which is the need of the hour. This would help in achieving substantial exports from the proposed project.

The proposed project, with state of the art infrastructure would enable the industry in achieving economies of scale thereby reducing the input costs and meeting the regulatory and trade related compliances with respect to quality, environmental and social standards.

It is expected that this Park will be a torchbearer for showcasing the intrinsic strengths of the Textile sector in West Bengal.
Local National International
Available for sale 1000 meter of hosiery cloth.
Invites proposal for agency of kids garments in South Indian States